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Steinberger is a series of distinctive electric guitars and bass guitars, designed and originally manufactured by Ned Steinberger. The name "Steinberger" can be used to refer to either the instruments themselves or the company that originally produced them. Although the name has been applied to a variety of instruments, it is primarily associated with a minimalist "headless" design of electric basses and guitars.

Begins activities
January 1979

Steinberger Guitars Spirit XT-2

Maple body
3-piece maple neck-through
Rosewood fretboard
24 Frets
Scale: 34"
Pickups: 2 Steinberger humbucker pickups
2 Volume controls and 1 master tone control

Production starts
January 1995
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Serial number
Fabrication date
01 October 2018

Instrument's timeline

09 October 2018 21:17 Instrument appears in myGear

Instrument's owners

Andrea Brancatelli

Strumento molto particolare, dal suono molto caratteristico: molti bassi e molto attacco, anche se un po' carente di medi.
Ne risulta un suono molto definito nelle note anche se non sempre presentissimo.
La sua dote principale è, però, chiaramente, la trasportabilità: leggerissimo con la borsa che lo accompagna può arrivare ovunque, anche in aereo come bagaglio a mano.
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Steinberger Guitars - Spirit XT-2

Serial # 1308210340

Created on 09 October 2018

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