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Welcome to myGear.

myGear is a public directory of musical instruments built to catalogue musical instruments, protecting you them from theft and fraudolent trades, either if you're the victim or you're the buyer.

myGear is also a tool to track the complete life of an instrument with the purpose of highlighting it's real value, his own unique features and giving both the seller and the buyer all the informations to close a good trade.
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Latest instruments

Korg - N364

Serial # 017258

Created on 29 March 2020

Aristides - Custom 060R

Serial # 768200303060R

Created on 15 March 2020

Ibanez - Soundgear SR300

Serial # C6060928

Created on 09 October 2018

Our mission!

myGear is a platform built to catalogue all your musical instruments, protecting them from theft and fraudolent trades, and allowing you to trace their history just like the pedigree of a racehorse.
On the other hands myGear wants to help you in safely buying a musical instrument by tracking the source of the instrument you are buying.

About us

We're a group of enthusiast musicians and instruments lover who belive that our effort can be a driving force to protect and to give a concrete value to the instruments you love and you use to create your art.

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