Ibanez è un marchio sotto cui l'azienda giapponese Hoshino Gakki Co.LTD. produce chitarre e bassi, sia elettrici che acustici. Produce anche amplificatori, effetti e altri dispositivi elettronici per chitarre e bassi.

Begins activities
January 1957

Ibanez GRG170DX

The GRG170DX, also known as the GRG170D in Japan, is an RG series solid body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez in 2004. It has been a part of the entry-level GIO line since the line's introduction in 2004; prior to that it was known as the RG170DX.

The GRG170DX features Ibanez pickups, a synchronized tremolo bridge and a rosewood fingerboard with sharktooth inlays. It is produced in both China and Indonesia for different markets around the world and as such the specs vary slightly by market.

For 2018 the rosewood fretboard was changed to treated New Zealand pine for those GRG170DX models sold in Asia.

Production starts
January 2004
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Andrea Brancatelli

Owned since
01 January 2006
Ho comprato questa chitarra numerosi anni fa per una cifra trascurabile (circa 250€), eppure fino ad oggi mi ha dato sempre grandi soddisfazioni in termini di suono e di suonabilità.

Chiaramente, specialmente in termini di dinamica, espone i propri limiti legati ai pickup di fabbrica non eccelsi.

Ciononostante, la ricomprerei subito!
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